Hardscaping Contractor and Residential Landscaping in Nyack, NJ

Transform your backyard into a beautiful unique environment with hardscape paver services in Nyack, NJ. Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ can help you with hardscaping design and paver installations. With years of experience and history of hardscaping in NJ, we believe we can satisfy all your hardscaping needs.

Denny Wiggers Hardscape services does various items such as Stone Stairs, Waterfalls, Pillars & Walls, Patios & Stone Decks, Pool Patios, Retaining Walls, Stone Fire Pits, Driveways & Paths, Outdoor Kitchens, Stone Walkways, Stone Seating, Fountains, Stone Walls, Stepping Stones, Paver & Stepping Stones. Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ also offer mulching services. Mulch is perfect for maintaining moisture around plants and preventing soil erosion over time. Erosion of soil can cause your hardscape to crack and crumble over time. We have natural, hickory, red, and black mulch. Perfect for any hardscaped yard. If you are interested in working with Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ, call us today 201-444-0155.

Here at Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ, we can make your outdoor space beautiful and hardscape elegant. Creating a perfect unity between the two for a unique backyard look! Denny’s hardscape services work with you to design a hardscape backyard that fits your style, taste, and budget.

If you are looking for hardscaping services in Nyack, NJ, Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ has an established history in the business of hardscaping and paver installations. We can help you with Paver & Stepping Stones, Driveways & Paths, Retaining Walls, Stepping Stones, Pool Patios, Stone Stairs, Stone Fire Pits, Fountains, Stone Walls, Patios & Stone Decks, Pillars & Walls, Stone Walkways, Waterfalls.

If you are looking to add a water feature to your hardscape, style and function are very important as they can bring a unique combination between the hardscape design and water element. We can help you install and pick out suitable water features for your backyard. At Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center in Nyack, NJ, we do waterfalls, fountains, pavers, and more. For more water feature information, please contact us at 201-444-0155.

Complete your hardscaped yard with Denny Wiggers Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ garden services. Topsoil, Mulch, Sod, and more! Call us today if you require gardening services in Nyack, NJ to help improve your hardscaped backyard. Call 201-444-0155.

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Landscaping Services by Denny Wiggers

Proudly Serving Northern NJ and NY

Denny Wiggers Landscaping will create a natural, creative design that will not only match your personality, but it will enhance your home to its maximum potential with our combined years of top quality workmanship, innovative design, and unparalleled artistic concepts. We hand select all of our plants, trees, and shrubs from our antique and historical greenhouses to create a one of a kind landscape design tailored to you and your home’s surroundings. Make your residence’s first impression a lasting impression.

Denny Wiggers Landscaping services residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our services include landscape design, garden design, hardscape design (including pavers, retaining walls, pool surrounds, and patios, custom waterfalls and more. Our landscaping services are featured in Bergen County NJ, and we service the surrounding NJ counties. Denny Wiggers Landscaping also services NY including Westchester County and NYC.

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 Make your home your oasis.

Nothing says a vacation at home like your own pool and patio.


Soothing sight & sound.

Nothing says timeless beauty and elegance like a waterfall or water feature.


The reading nook of your dreams.

Whether build in or as stone furnature, stone seating will last ages and never go out of style.


Decorative meets purpose.

Beautiful and durable designs that will catch any eye.


Take in your landscape one step at a time.

Create a grand entry or take steps into your secret garden.


A durable and beautiful welcome home.

Let beautiful driveways, pavers, and paths guide you home.

387 Paramus Road Paramus, NJ 07652

76 Railroad Ave. Closter, NJ 07624

M-S 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM